Northern India Adventure

03 • 14  —  30 • 2024  |  3880 USD

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Northern India, where the opportunity to shake up the familiar becomes an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

“A mind filled with new experiences will never return to its old dimensions.”

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What, where, and when?


  • DATE: 03.14 – 30.2024 (14 nights)
  • PRICE: 3880 USD *The price includes:
    • Flights to and from India.
    • Flights within India (Gaya – New Delhi – Dehradun)
    • All program-related travels in India (New Delhi- Agra- Varanasi- Bodh Gaya- Rishikesh- New Delhi)
    • Accommodation (3 and 4-star hotels, hostel, ashram)
    • 3 vegetarian meals a day with water
    • Entrance tickets to planned attractions
    • Guide assistance at major attractions (Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Varanasi center, Bodh Gaya landmarks)
    • Yoga, pranayama, and meditation sessions (teachers from India and instructors from Poland)
    • Ayurveda lessons
    • Ayurveda therapist assistance throughout the trip
    • Consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor and Ayurvedic massage
    • Immerse yourself in a transformative journey: a holistic exploration of body, mind, and spirit through the enriching experiences and tools provided by yoga and Ayurveda.
    • Discover the cultural gems of New Delhi, Agra (home to the iconic Taj Mahal), Varanasi, Bodh Gaya, and the spiritual haven of Rishikesh.
    • Delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, learning and experiencing its principles firsthand.
    • Participate in  yoga sessions guided by instructors from India and Poland, set against the backdrop of authentic and inspiring locations (suitable for all levels of expertise)

< Enrollments currently open>

What is the Northern India Adventure?


The Northern India Adventure with Yoga & Ayurveda is more than just a journey through the region’s iconic attractions like the Taj Mahal, ancient Varanasi, the Bodhi Tree, and the yoga capital nestled at the Himalayan foothills. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for profound self-discovery.

This expedition invites us to transcend the familiar, venture beyond our material comfort zones, and discover safety and happiness in the cadence of our breath and heartbeat, no matter where we find ourselves. Through these accumulated experiences, we’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated, as if reborn, and reclaim the joy inherent in every fleeting moment of life!

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For whom is this expedition?


  • For everyone eager for adventures
  • For those open to the unknown
  • For anyone curious about different cultures and religions
  • For those who enjoy experiencing knowledge at its roots
  • For everyone who doesn’t complain about their physical condition

Expedition Program


Northern India Adventure is not just a journey that allows you to see the most important landmarks, but also a unique opportunity to explore oneself deeply through experiences gained during the expedition and the tools offered by yoga and Ayurveda.

Our goal is to showcase the richness and diversity of India. We plan to cover approximately 2700 km to visit regions characterized by different climates, architecture, religious variations, and cultures.

To enable participants to authentically experience India, we consciously encourage immersing in the crowd through walks on bustling streets and using public transportation such as auto-rickshaws, metro, or trains. We believe that it is through daily interaction with the scents, colors, and inhabitants of India that we learn the most about ourselves.
For our expedition to be conscious, participants receive travel journals and tasks that help understand the fundamental principles of yoga and Ayurveda, as well as integrate the experiences gained. Support during the journey is provided by the organizer, Ayurveda therapist, and academic and classical yoga teacher – Patrycja Sadowska as well XX.

New Delhi & Agra


Our journey will commence in the vibrant capital of India – New Delhi. It is here, amid the hustle and bustle and intense stimuli, that our senses will immerse themselves for the first time in the whirlwind of new shapes, scents, and colors.

To fully experience the city’s atmosphere, we will explore some of the most important districts and landmarks. When we feel that we’ve had our fill of impressions, we will set off to Agra to see what was previously only known to us from pictures – one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal!

During our stay in New Delhi and Agra, we will delve into the principles of Ayurveda, and we will also learn more about Vata dosha and its influence on our body and mind.



Our next destination will be the ancient city of Varanasi. Visiting the magical religious cradle of Hinduism, we will delve deeper into its history, customs, and culture.

The journey to Varanasi will also be an expedition towards intensifying experiences, all in pursuit of a complete transformation. It is here that we will encounter the element of fire as a key aspect of the passage ceremony. Observing Hindu funeral rituals, we will contemplate themes of death and rebirth.

In Varanasi, we will also learn more about the Ayurvedic Pitta Dosha and its impact on our well-being.

Bodh Gaya


Our next stop will be the pilgrimage destination of Buddhists – Bodh Gaya. Here, we will catch our breath, find grounding, and immerse ourselves in the tranquility that Buddhism carries. During our stay in this sacred place, we will trace the footsteps of Buddha, learning about the culture and customs derived from his teachings.

The time spent in Bodh Gaya is a moment when we will experience India from a new perspective. After traversing the bustling city, we will transition to rural landscapes, observing the simplicity of village life.

In Bodh Gaya, we will also discover the nourishing impact of the Ayurvedic Kapha Dosha on the body and learn how to maintain its balance through the tools provided by yoga and Ayurveda.



Our final destination will be the yoga capital situated on the banks of the Ganges at the foothills of the Himalayas. During our stay in Rishikesh, we will dedicate time to the process of integrating the gathered experiences.

We will visit world-renowned yoga ashrams, participate in sunrise farewell ceremonies, and embark on a mountain excursion to greet the sun rising over the Himalayas.

In Rishikesh, we will also undergo the final evaluation of our Ayurvedic constitutions during a meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor. It is here that we will experience a relaxing Ayurvedic massage and learn about the general recommendations of Ayurveda and yoga for our well-being.

Expedition Leaders


Patrycja is a certified health guide with advanced education in Indian medicine – Ayurveda. Her expertise is rooted not only in years of international Ayurvedic studies but also in experiences gained through practice in India and Europe.

For the past 5 years, Patrycja has consistently conducted individual therapies, organized wellness retreats, and facilitated both on-site and online courses.

„I believe that everyone deserves a life of full potential – free from worries, stress, and illness. That’s why I invite you to join me on a collective journey, where each person will have the opportunity to connect with their own body and activate the ability for self-healing.”

Patrycja Sadowska


Kailtin has spent the past 16 years devoted to learning, practicing, while traveling and attending different lineage based schools and 2 years teaching and mentoring.
She a therapeutic Ayurvedic counselor, herbalist and somatic yoga teacher and deep dives into belief and shadow work via toltec wisdom and the quantum field. Her approach to health and wellness are rooted in a blend of ancient science and vitality practices and the leading edge of science.
By integrating both, she supports clients to find the balance within body, mind and whole being health.
Dive deeper into self-inquiry and achieve self-mastery.  

“Though the visible whole has come out from that Invisible Whole, yet the Whole remains unaltered.”

Swami Paramananda

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